PWI – your searches 3

It has been some time since I wrote about PWI last time. Today again a few questions from you along with some unrelated pictures. Two Santas and some flying monster. 🙂 Let’s start!

Q: pwi cash shop
Who knows what’s the actual question here. Buy your Zens here (login required of course), transfer them to the server (now they are called gold :-)) and then there is that little sun on the bottom of your minimap. That’s the cash shop where you can spend your gold.

Q: pwi – element fragments
Maybe the search was related to the very boring quest where you need to kill blobs that have little drop rate. Actually you don’t need to kill them, there are much better monsters (but mostly around lvl30) – check this link for more. You can also buy them in cat shop (not cash shop! ;-)) but they are often overpriced. Drop rate was very very bad once, now it’s quite normal.

MetroAionix as Santa

Q: mold mirage sword
Again check PW database. It’s dropped by FB19 bosses, but you have to have a squad without high level characters to have some real chance. Good luck. And yes, it’s really nice weapon for magic chars, I was lucky to get it and I used it until early forties. 🙂

Q: pwi importance of reputation
Difficult to say, I’m still low level to know every aspect of reputation. But I discussed it in this post (search the word) and it’s also discussed on PWI forums.

Flying tortoise… or turtle or what 😉

Q: perfect world international fb19 dungeon boss
See this post. I guess the searcher found what he wanted, I’ll try to ignore FB19 in the future. 😉

Q: pwi best place to grind for wiz
The same Q: pwi wizard grinding spots
The same like for cleric. See this guide, it’s long, but you can find the section about leveling there. Shortly – flying monsters, poisonous is the best +-3 levels. Under the Heaven’s Tear (30-42), above the starting point for new characters (all three, lvl40), above the first quest village after your race’s city (e.g. Hidden Heroes Village, lvl50), above your cities for lvl70… you’ll find it. Search also “flying mobs” in this post.

Q: what can i do to lvl when i have no quests? pwi
Grind! 😉 It’s not a big fun, but it’s not that bad either. Or help other people with their FBs! Grinding is better to get coins though. FBs are better for reputation.

Me as Santa! 😉

Q: how much rep is needed for fb19?
Not needed, the description in the quest is deceiving. Hope I’m not misleading now. 😉 You just need lvl19 and some quests finished (can’t remember now, finish them all :-P).

Q: pwi archosaur
One more Q: map of archosaur perfect world
I was working on a really nice map of Archosaur, but somehow… whatever. Archosaur is actually easy if you don’t go into details. You can divide it into 9 zones (3×3), three of them have gate (north, west, south). In these zones there are always all merchants, tailors, bankers, blacksmith… you got it. Trainers (people teaching skills) are north-east and south-west (that is where the General is too). Elder is in the east (harbor). These are the most important NPCs. West is very very rush district with most of the catshops – so go to do your deals (buy/sell) there.

So that’s it for today. Hope it will help future searchers. Good luck!


PWI – your searches 1

There is a cool feature on the WordPress – you can see searches users used to get to your articles. It’s funny that most of them is not answered in my articles – or is it the shame? 🙂 I decided to change it in a very short and quick post. This one. But I also decided to designate it with number 1 because I expect that more unfortunate users hit my blog without finding their answers. So what was it this time?

Q: fb19
Ok, this is obviously elaborated in my previous PWI post.

Newbs like these don’t ask about fb19 or molds. I can tell. 😉

Q: pwi is mold one use?
Yes, AFAIK. Mold is dropped from the monster and you can (if you can – that means if you have your manufacturing skill developed enough) create one thing from it. End of story. Of course you can trade that thing, pass it to different character, whatever.

Q: perfect world international flying mobs
Who knows what this user searched for? 🙂 Maybe for fact that flying mobs are great for grinding? They are. They have reportedly less HP, they often attack with poison which is the best attack (if it’s not Dismal Shade ;-)) – especially for casters like wizard/cleric (venomancer has their own tank/pet at least). And if you turn off your flying you can escape any serious situation in a matter of seconds (don’t fall in the midst of agro mobs on the ground though ;-)).

Q: Can I ride the elk wearing only the bikini? A: Sure! Q: Will I be cold? A: I don’t know.

Q: perfect world where do i find the bolden goldwing?
Quick answer:
Long answer: Don’t ask questions like these. Go to PW database, click on the American flag to ensure you’re searching for PWI related stuff and search. It’s really that easy. Maybe the PWDB doesn’t contain everything, but always start there. 😉 These are those rare cases where you should not start with Google (which probably lists the same page too, but not with question so complex). Very, very good alternative – especially for quests – is the “I feel lucky” result for this question: PWI wiki with quest descriptions (search “bolden” on the page, I guess you got it but there are some lazy users, you know ;-)).

Enjoy the game and good luck!

PWI: Dungeon called FB19

I did not rush into the cave when I got level 19 quests – partially because there were other exciting things to do (around the big city of Archosaur!) and partially because I knew nothing about dungeons. There is “lovely” quest by Little Daisy where you run around the whole map to heal her flying pet or what – and part of this quest is to kill a few wolves near the FB19 cave of Untamed. They were extremely hard to kill – they actually killed us a few times before we understood that these one are really different. 🙂

Killing Poison-Tail Occultist – this time with normal standing-tank.

What the hell is FB19 – you may ask when you hear it the first time. There is a difficult quest to go to a particular dungeon (every race has its own), kill some elite mobs there and finally defeat the boss too. These quests are from “Challenge” quest series and those given on levels 19, 29, 39… are called FB19/29… up to 99 I guess. Dungeons are called just the same – at least by people. At the very start (that means also around the level 20 when you get to this point) most players are confused because there is one more thing to this – so called “tablet”. Do you remember seeing yellow messages on the world chat “helping with FB19, must have tab, pm me”?

Poison-Tail Occultist once more

The first Challenge quest you obtain informs you to kill a number of beasts of two kinds (8+8 or 5+5 depending on your race). These beasts can be found in the dungeon and after you succeed the quest moves on to killing the boss part. That’s one quest where you have to defeat the boss inside the FB19. There is, however, one more quest with the very same objective. But the way to this quest is not that intuitive and in contrast to the Challenge quest you can’t repeat it. In order to get this quest you have to finish the Cultivation quest given on the level 19 and then Elder of your city gives you so called “tablet”. Official name of the item is either “Call to Duty” or “First Battle” – doesn’t really matter, players wanting to help you will always ask if you have “the tablet”.

Entering Untamed FB19 – with level 39 you can do it in two

Having the item still doesn’t mean that you have the quest. There is a pillar inside the FB19 dungeon – actually there are two – one at the very start and one sitting right next to the boss itself. After you “talk to the pillar” you get the quest and your tablet disappears. Now you have 10 hours to finish the quest. I was always so afraid to fail that I did everything to succeed – hence I don’t know what happens when you fail, but I guess that your tablet is lost. I would not rush using this item. But if you have a squad prepared and you are pretty sure you going to kill the boss don’t hesitate to start this quest along with your Challenge quest – of course get to the “kill the boss” part of the quest.

Untamed FB19 – analyzing the next group of mobs

There are various strategies you can use. You can run the big boss around – whoever takes agro simply runs around the cave and others fire. Some else gets agro then and runs too. 😉 It’s chaotic but you can kill the boss without a tank this way. Blademasters are not happy about it – because they just run and can deal the damage, but the trouble is they can hardly hold the agro. So unless you have venomancer with pet or real tank (blademaster with higher level or proper barbarian ;-)) running around is very good strategy. And it definitely involves less dying. Of course you can let blademaster tank too, but than you have to control the agro. First pictures show us killing the human FB19 boss in three – blademaster, wizard and cleric. We all fired, but wizard took her pauses and me was healing in the meantime, so I didn’t attract agro with plume shooting all the time. The point is, there is more than one way and you often don’t have the squad for the “proper” way (like tank, damage dealers who never over-agro, healer(s)). That’s when you have to come up with your own tactics. It’s also good to know that boss never attacks before you. You can kill all his minions – they are agro and social too (go together) but the boss is not. So you can clear the whole final cave before you start to run around with boss running after you. 🙂

Rand Razorjaw with blademaster tanking and me healing

My first FB19 story goes like this: I (AdriaZirma) went to the designated cave with MiraZirma (blademaster) and ImperialCat (cleric) and invited other two players who needed to kill the boss. I’ve got Challenge quest (kill 8 of something and 8 of something else) and I was asked to use my Call to Duty item with the pillar. We had two more blademasters – and especially level 33 was helpful. It was kind of messy because even when I told them that I don’t have all Molten Chrysalises killed they didn’t listen. And I didn’t know that this quest goes on with killing the boss.

Rest before my first FB19 boss got killed. You can see that my Challenge quest (called Discover) is not finished yet. (I already used this pics before, hope you’ll pardon me.)

However – it wasn’t any tragedy really. MiraZirma needed to spend her tablet too eventually and I killed my last Chrysalis and boss too in the end. Since then I killed a bunch of them in various (often very strange) configurations and with various strategies. And I died often too. I don’t like dying, but sometimes when we pushed our limits with a weaker squad we’ve learned much much more than during the smooth run. And pushing your limits brings some dying inevitably. But I don’t regret those experiences at all. It was still fun.

There is still much to be said about FB runs, but I will add some more experiences in another part in which I’ll cover FB29 for the change. As I will probably not return back to FB19, I just want to say that in my eyes Untamed version is the easiest. Ranged mobs in elven/human FBs are much more dangerous (chilpods in human cave and cactopods in elven one) and often fire to long distances which can easily result in deaths of low-HP characters. In worst case of the healer taking the agro of the mob that’s not hit by anyone else and turns after healer. So if you want to do just another FB19 run, go to the Untamed. It’s also closest to the center of the map – and to Archosaur too. Good luck!

Happy New Year with Perfect World International!

You gonna need it. Ok, skip my crap. No criticism today. No hints on bugs, no desperation – but rather some optimistic stuff. 🙂 And more pictures with less text (if I manage not to write so much). Let’s start with Adria killing flying boss sitting on the top of the Stairway to Heaven mountains. It’s around level 30 and it hurt quite a lot doing it alone. I was actually lucky to survive that. There is a lot of these lesser bosses around the map. Some of them are are placed tricky – like level 70 boss in the middle of lvl35 mobs. I accidentally ran at it once and was killed before even knowing what it was. Goldwing is placed much better I have to say.

Bolden Goldwing – it was a tough fight for solo wizard on my level but I survived. Yesterday I repeated it being lvl49 – much easier of course. 🙂

And now little picture of Adria in full red dress. Three parts (two visible) are Rank I equipment – quite good for that level. The rest is bought or crafted by myself.

Lady in Red – around level 35.

When I reached level 30 I could get my flying gear – sword in case of humans. This is the default you can get in game without any problems. It’s a bit faster than walk and can get you directly wherever you want. Some cliffs are hard to jump across. 🙂 And as you can see you can gather materials standing on the flying gear. Or fight – but that is less efficient because you deal less damage when flying. Significantly less damage I mean. Unless you fight flying mobs you should stand on the ground.

You can gather herbs and materials from your flying gear.

But if you’re interested in a better equipment you should buy it for real money! This is bigger flying sword – well we should all agree it looks much more impressive. It’s also faster than the smaller one otherwise I wouldn’t buy it of course. It’s probably not exactly worth those 20 bucks, but I wanted to support the game too.

Have I said something about flying gear on the last picture? THIS is flying gear! Prepare your $20 to get it though. 🙂 Or around 2 million of in-game coins.

What I really appreciate about this game – even if it’s not the core of the game mechanics – is how it looks and what can characters do. You can carry a girl even in a tiger form and when you embrace her (or get embraced) it looks cool. She lays down on your neck and scratches you a bit and you stretches like a pleased beast… lovely! You should also try various actions from action window (E).

Carrying girls in barbarian’s beast form. Embrace is also lovely. These details are one thing I love about PWI – it’s simply beautiful.

Legendary weapons are weapons made in Archosaur (exactly the place on the following picture) from molds. Mold can be dropped by some bosses, mostly in FB dungeons – but they are quite rare. My Mirage Sword is usable since level 22 and it was better than various weapons I got until level like 45. After that I changed weapons quite often dreaming about another legendary weapon – Wheel Of Fate. You can also buy it from other player – price is around 2.7m coins. That’s a lot of grinding, trust me. I’m still not quite there.

MiraZirma has eventually got her legendary sword too. Poor ImperialCat still had to live with quest weapon.

Some mobs are impressive and look scary yet they are not all aggressive (“agro”). This is one of them. It’s around level 19 just across the hill from Etherblade. When you see them first you have respect – but in this case it’s unnecessary because they just poison you and go down quickly. There are small ants around too – they will bite you to death much faster yet it’s easy to underestimate them for their size. Know the enemy, don’t trust your eyes.

“Please, mister, can we take a picture with you in this lovely moon-lit landscape?” And yes, we killed him afterwards. It was part of the quest after all. Killing, not taking a picture I mean.

Ok, now one picture full of relax. Two casters are refilling their mana while meditating and one archer guards them. We were probably also AFK (away from keyboard, just for sure ;-)) but in a wilderness you need someone to watch over you because many players die every minute after some agro-mob catches them during meditation while they are AFK.

Watchful archer guarding two exhausted and fragile ladies. Archer is lady too though.

There are still many places I’ve never seen on the map. You can fly there – considering you pay attention to high-level flying mobs – but it’s useless otherwise. I’ll rather wait when my level leads me there. Or quests. However on higher levels questing is not enough to get you to another level.

ZoeAionix – my full attack cleric build – somehow got lost and found herself in Sanctuary. Very nice part of the map.

Finally and most importantly – we (Adria, Zoe and Argh… not counting my characters on other server than Sanctuary :-)) all wish you Happy New Year and Zoe adds some fireworks. 🙂 Take care and see you around in 2009 with more PWI posts – that’s for sure.

Zoe wishes you all Happy New Year!

Perfect World reloaded

Since my last post to this day my MMORPG experience has quadrupled – rough estimate. And we’re here again to continue with PWI (sort of) review. The main point is – I’m still with the game like many others. I think I meet more and more people, some killing quests are nearly overcrowded and the best thing you can do in such cases is to create ad-hoc short-term parties (squads) with people around. Why? Because killed beast counts to everybody in the squad. Beast is claimed probably by the first player that hit it and so if more squads are working on one beast only the party that hit it first has exps and kill counted in. During your progress you’ll obtain various quests that leads you not only to another kills – but also around the map to different places. Elder (NPC) in your city sends you to cities of other races. Of course – by teleport, not on foot. 🙂

Lovely surrounding of the City of the Plume (Elven one)

During the week I’ve started to visit forums for various information and if you can play the game for a few days you might want to have a map of this world and also the teleportation map. There is no problem to find many useful information, the trouble is that there are more versions of PW – and if you play PWI you should use “Perfect World International” (with quotes too) as the part of your Google search.

The center of the Archosaur city is really impressive!

Starting with level around 12 we helped each other regardless races and it’s much more enjoying and rewarding. After all – that’s what MMORPGs are all about! Beast levels and the story (or quests) leads you around certain paths on the map – you can see it on the second map in this post or on PW wiki with dungeon maps too. There are three distinct routes from level 1 to 20 – one for each race. After that your steps (actually the teleport again) leads you to the Ancient Dragon City – called Archosaur in PWI (don’t know why, doesn’t matter really).

Two sisters medidating before they slay another batch of Venomous Ghouls

In Archosaur you get to the big world – that doesn’t mean that the game changes dramatically. You still mostly slay monsters. Important difference between PWI and L2 is that it’s actually finishing the quest what gives you most of experiences. And you can start your own guild (called Faction here but everybody calls it guild anyway). Funny (and annoying) thing is that PWI seems to have some troubles with spaces and longer texts. Chat message length is limited too much, guild name can be up to 9(!) characters and in guild slogan you can’t use spaces (invalid character error message)! It all makes me think “this might have worked only with Chinese signs!” Also guild member level displayed in the guild screen is not up to date (sometimes significantly). These are not serious mistakes, but still stupid ones.

You can swim under water without limits – that’s not real but who cares? 🙂

Bug that troubled many more players is best known as Level 19 Spiritual Cultivation issue – I hit that too but somehow I overcame it with luck. It seems that you have to free at least 8 slots in your inventory to get it. Shit happens and my friends nearly stopped playing the game. Luckily (for me) we all play on. 🙂 After this we entered into our first instanced dungeon. Don’t underestimate beasts in dungeons – because their level may be low but the truth is that they are much much harder. We got killed many times. 😉

MiraZirma with the pumpkin head. I haven’t noticed any effect, it’s just some Helloween item. I sold it.

I should return to some technical aspects of the game. When I’ve found out that I can’t redefine my keys (I hate WASD, I’m ESDF kind of guy) I thought I’ll have serious problems playing the game. But this is not first person shooter and I adapted quite quickly. If there is some way to redefine keys in the future, I’ll surely do it, but I can use current fixed layout with no problem. There are some chances I guess, game is regularly updated and there is even some expansion prepared for this December. If you played other MMORPG, you’ll find many things familiar, but other things completely off probably.

No, it’s not my pet, it’s our future victim.

Other things that could be better – minimap is too small. It’s actually rather miniminimap. It has two zoom levels, but it’s still too small and low detailed. Hovering over yellow dot (NPC) the name is shown – this is cool. Also quest givers are orange or even magenta (important quests) so you can see them easily if you’re close enough for them to appear on your minimap. I also dislike that when I’m in map Escape key doesn’t close it – you have to close it with your mouse or by pressing M key again – and – that’s even worse – Escape actually stops your character if you’re just running somewhere. [Update: Fixed right the same day in version 28! :-)]

Swimming near the Archosaur harbor.

It seems that I’m talking more about problems – and I have not mentioned here and there laggy server, their general overcrowdness (it’s for free, no wonder), delay between beast/character lock and first action you can do. For instance healing someone right after you’ve clicked on the character might cast the spell on yourself, also fast switching between mobs is tricky and spell is often sent to the previous one. But I like the way how you progress through the PWI world, I generally like skills, items, look&feel of the game, heck I even like the repetitive music (not my style really, but it’s not that bad good in game). That means that I’m still in. If you are too you might find this quest guide useful – I use it here and there just to be sure I haven’t missed anything. Next time I plan to write more about paying for this game (dollars, Zen, Gold) – or maybe about something else. We’ll see.