PWI – your searches 3

It has been some time since I wrote about PWI last time. Today again a few questions from you along with some unrelated pictures. Two Santas and some flying monster. 🙂 Let’s start! Q: pwi cash shop Who knows what’s the actual question here. Buy your Zens here (login required of course), transfer them to… Continue reading PWI – your searches 3

PWI – your searches 1

There is a cool feature on the WordPress – you can see searches users used to get to your articles. It’s funny that most of them is not answered in my articles – or is it the shame? 🙂 I decided to change it in a very short and quick post. This one. But I… Continue reading PWI – your searches 1

PWI: Dungeon called FB19

I did not rush into the cave when I got level 19 quests – partially because there were other exciting things to do (around the big city of Archosaur!) and partially because I knew nothing about dungeons. There is “lovely” quest by Little Daisy where you run around the whole map to heal her flying… Continue reading PWI: Dungeon called FB19

Happy New Year with Perfect World International!

You gonna need it. Ok, skip my crap. No criticism today. No hints on bugs, no desperation – but rather some optimistic stuff. 🙂 And more pictures with less text (if I manage not to write so much). Let’s start with Adria killing flying boss sitting on the top of the Stairway to Heaven mountains.… Continue reading Happy New Year with Perfect World International!

Perfect World reloaded

Since my last post to this day my MMORPG experience has quadrupled – rough estimate. And we’re here again to continue with PWI (sort of) review. The main point is – I’m still with the game like many others. I think I meet more and more people, some killing quests are nearly overcrowded and the… Continue reading Perfect World reloaded