Ubuntu 10.04 post-installation fun

Obviously - this is the continuation of my previous post. I mentioned how I upgraded my computer, but I published the post before I rebooted it again. First thing I encountered was GRUB menu over-populated by various kernels. There reportedly is some way how to limit this - still it’s stupid if you ask me. … Continue reading Ubuntu 10.04 post-installation fun

Ubuntu 10.04 installation fun

Although now I use Windows most of the time, here and there I feel the need to update Ubuntu on my computer. This time I'm curious mostly about OpenShot video editor. I had Ubuntu 9.10 installed in Virtual Box and there was obviously no problem with upgrade from inside the OS itself. I have 8.04 … Continue reading Ubuntu 10.04 installation fun

Firefox 3 – not better browser for me

Firefox 3 in its beta made it into the fresh Ubuntu 8.04. And I experienced the same situation like in December 2006 - see my post for details. Of course the problems were not the same. Sad hero in this release is "awesome bar". While I understand why it's so great for many, I also … Continue reading Firefox 3 – not better browser for me