The Sins of (PC) Gaming Industry

It shouldn't have sounded like "The Sins of Solar Empire" originally. Especially because the Sins are nice example how games should be made - proving that they can be successful even without anti-piracy protection. This is not a review of a couple of games. It is a review of ugly things even good games often … Continue reading The Sins of (PC) Gaming Industry

Unreal Tournament 3 revival?

There seems to be some activity around a game of my (once) favourite franchise - Unreal Tournament 3! After finishing Gears Of War 2 Epic seems to plan so called Titan pack for UT3. I'm really very excited about it because it promises some overdue features like better menus, proper server browser, better AI (hopefully … Continue reading Unreal Tournament 3 revival?

Top 10 things I love and hate about UT3

I've bought Unreal Tournament III quite soon after it was released. Maybe I wouldn't do the same now - but I've already done it and because I don't buy games too often I should play the games I have. It's not that hard to play game that has Unreal Tournament in the title because I … Continue reading Top 10 things I love and hate about UT3