The pain with sourcecode in WordPress

I don’t know why, but I always felt better when I prepared my blog posts somewhere else (Google Docs in my case) and then just pasted them to I wanted some backup – but there is WordPress feature for that. But the most important factor was their editor. It was able to mess up… Continue reading The pain with sourcecode in WordPress

Blogging for two years!

Yeah, it’s true! I would probably not celebrate it if I had ended my blogger’s career in a typical way (you guessed it… I meant simply to stop writing). It was actually pretty close to that but I somehow revived my taste to write again. The taste I have since my early years as I… Continue reading Blogging for two years!

Moving In

This is actually copy of post from Blogspot after I migrated all posts here. Only the title there is “Moving Out”. 🙂 When my wife wanted to create blog with recipes I suggested Blogspot because I liked it and it was Google corporate. I like Google products. But Blogspot is first case when I decided… Continue reading Moving In