Galaxy Online? Phew!

After my Travian experience I wanted to develop similar type of web-browser based game. I chose sci-fi star wars setting but before I started to code it I wanted to know that there is still space for it. So I googled for some time and I found more games with similar idea. However none of… Continue reading Galaxy Online? Phew!

Buy the box, pay subscriptions…

…but they still might close you the server! 🙂 Ok, not really funny, I know. NCsoft has announced some time ago that its Tabula Rasa sci-fi steam-punk MMORPG is closing servers as of 2009 February. Imagine you have bought the game (in a box) and you’ve paid regular subscription fees and now this. Ok, you’ve… Continue reading Buy the box, pay subscriptions…

Caught in the Perfect World

I wanted to write about typical game flaws, I wanted to write about Facebook… and god knows what else as well. But I’ve found free MMORPG called Perfect World International instead just a two days ago and that crossed my plans. I’ve tried one free MMORPG before but it was low quality actually. Perfect World… Continue reading Caught in the Perfect World

Travian intermezzo

Well… it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? It’s not healthy for a blog to be abandoned for such a long time – I realize this. And instead of publishing new Utopia instalment I dare to write about the reason (well, aside from laziness and other stuff) why I stopped doing many things – and… Continue reading Travian intermezzo