Utopia (16): Gotta earn it

- "Strange," Susan says, "I teach these things, actually, but I can't remember talking about it above the glass of beer. 🙂 I can't remember talking about it at the first meeting either." - "If it's boring topic for you we might try something else!" I say. - "No, no, no problem with that, really... … Continue reading Utopia (16): Gotta earn it

Utopia (15): Girl without a vote

- "Now - after all that time - I don't want to rush things, but if you have a time I'll be glad if we can sit for some drink or whatever," it's out of my mouth suddenly and I'm happy. - "Well," Susan is thinking just a second, "actually I have a time. Will … Continue reading Utopia (15): Girl without a vote

Utopia (14): With a little help from my friend

I wasn't with Caren in private too often. She has her own partner after all. Still... I see her here and there and it's always fun. Not only fun, but let's stay with this word. Knowing that it sounds nearly paradox that she was the one introducing me to the woman I've fallen to love … Continue reading Utopia (14): With a little help from my friend

Utopia (12): Hmm… Caren :-)

Caren's dwelling was furnished rather simply but still it wasn't cold. I'm sitting down on the sofa and looking around. Appliances around are very similar to those I have in my flat - so in most cases their function is not exactly obvious for me (because I haven't tried most of them except computer). - … Continue reading Utopia (12): Hmm… Caren 🙂

Utopia (11): Way to Caren

The evening passed by very quickly - surprisingly quickly considering my anxiety. But when I asked Caren to tell me something about Arto programming language we dug into topic we both liked. We also danced a lot. Suddenly there were only me, Caren, Paul, Martin and one little woman from Martin's team working as graphics … Continue reading Utopia (11): Way to Caren